Sunday 18th September 2022
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Fully Closed Roads Confirmed for Eastbourne Triathlon

Eastbourne Triathlon will have fully closed roads for the first time in 2022 offering competitors a completely traffic-free race experience.

Competitors taking part in the award-winning Eastbourne Triathlon will enjoy fully closed roads for the first time this year. Whilst a significant portion of the route was closed to traffic in 2021, the main seafront road in Eastbourne remained open. However, with the reputation and size of the event continuing to grow, local authorities have agreed to a full closure for this year’s race.

"To have a race in such a location with closed roads is something us age-groupers can only dream of."

Eastbourne Triathlon’s cycle route has gained an outstanding reputation as one of the most spectacular and scenic routes on the triathlon calendar. Having twice won the Triathlon England Event of the Year Award, Eastbourne Triathlon continues to grow in popularity and has become one of the most sought-after triathlon events in the UK.

With the announcement of closed roads, the race is likely to become even more popular this year and securing an early entry is recommended.