Sunday 18th September 2022
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Navigating the currents

Eastbourne Triathlon, IronBourne and Brighton & Hove Triathlon all feature sea swims. Understanding the currents can give you a huge advantage on race day.

For Eastbourne Triathlon and IronBourne in 2022 the tide will be going out. Looking out to sea the current will be pulling from left to right.  As you swim East (left) you will be swimming against the current. We have designed the direction of the course such that you will be swimming close to the shore. As you swim West you will be further from shore to maximise the benefit from the stronger current.

For Brighton & Hove Triathlon the children’s races will have an outgoing tide (as above) however the direction of the current will begin to turn during the adult races and the current will start pulling from right to left (incoming tide) for the later adult waves.