Sebamed are proud to be headline sponsors of the Brighton & Hove Triathlon for the third year running. 

Sebamed were established in 1957 by German dermatologist Dr. Heinz Maurer and are recommended by dermatologists and skin experts worldwide. 

Most common soaps and washes have a PH value of 7 or above which breaks down the skin's natural acid mantle and can take around two hours to regenerate.  This can have a signification effect on your skin's protection whilst exercising.

Exercise nourishes the skin inside and out, but showering after a session can leave it dry and irritated. Sebamed restores balance to dry skin with its pH 5.5 balancing formula.  

Sebamed is suitable for the whole family and for all skin types, which is why our partnership with Brighton & Triathlon works so well - Anyone can use Sebamed, anyone can do a Triathlon.  

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