The Myth of the Super Sprint

If you’re new to triathlon, images of superheroes and elite triathletes might swim, cycle and run through your mind. The thought of racing with the fastest and most experienced triathletes is enough to put anyone off of taking part.

In reality, triathlons include a variety of distances. The majority of events consist of Super Sprint, Sprint and Olympic (or Standard) distances so there really is something for everyone. But why is the shortest distance called a super sprint? The name in itself sounds scary and definitely holds daunting connotations.

So let’s dispel the myth of the Super Sprint.

A Super Sprint triathlon is one of the shortest triathlon distances that you can race, making it an ideal entry point for beginners looking to enter the exciting world of TRI. In terms of distance, Triathlon England give the example of a 400m swim, 10km cycle, and 2.5km run. However, this differs with each organiser.

Perfect for novices and first-timers, Brighton and Hove Triathlon’s Super Sprint race consists of just a 400m swim, 5km cycle, and a 2.5km run - super manageable.

When putting these distances into perspective, 400m is just 16 lengths of a standard swimming pool. A 5km cycle might take you 10-30 minutes depending on your current level of fitness and a 2.5km run shouldn’t take you much longer than half an hour. Considering this, a Super Sprint Triathlon isn’t as scary as it may sound.

But what about the experienced triathletes racing alongside you? Triathlons are started in waves of competitors. This means that only a certain number of triathletes start at the same time, usually organised in Age Groups. The Brighton and Hove Triathlon is split into many different waves, depending on age and gender. The main thing to remember is that experienced triathletes and those racing over the longer distances will have their own wave and set off separately, so don’t panic about getting in the way of other racers or feeling daunted by their speed. You’ll actually be surrounded by many likeminded individuals trying out a new challenge.

Entering into a Super Sprint is meant to be a fun and enjoyable experience – a challenge but one that is very manageable. Training shouldn’t be too much of a chore and no special kit is needed; just something to swim in, a pair of trainers and a helmet. Everything else can be borrowed or hired nearer the time. Super Sprint triathlons are the perfect option for individuals who want a new challenge but not one which will take over already busy lives.

So there we have it. Super Sprint? Super Simple.

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