Women's Series - Sally Killick

Reaching her 50th birthday and realising she was missing something, Sally Killick's Brighton multisport journey began.

'I'm a very average working mum with a passion for multi sports. My passion developed as a result of reaching my 50th birthday and realising that I was missing some vital ingredients to ensuring I lived life to the full. At that time I was very much a lost soul working in the public sector. I hadn't realised fully what was missing or what was wrong with me but I knew I was not a content person. My oldest daughter Kayleigh encouraged me to come along with her to a new dance class called Bokwa. I loved it but soon realised I needed much more.....

I joined Brighton Triathlon Club early in 2014. It's a fairly newish Tri club and it's taken a while for me to find myself. However, these guys led me and supported me to my first ever triathlon experience. A bunch of us Bri Tri ladies completed our first triathlon in April 2014. It was a 'ladies try a tri' in East Grinstead. My husband and kids came along to support as did some of the Bri Tri club. I don't think my kids could believe what their old mum was up to!

It was a cold, windy and wet day and my family were not too enthused to be waiting about. To be honest I did not have much time to think of their comfort (for a change!). It was without doubt the most challenging and exciting thing I had ever experienced that did not include my family.

There were lots of ladies taking part for the first time including me. It was a race but I was in a race against myself - pushing and challenging myself to cross the finish line, keeping my demons off my heels and out of my head whilst I tried to be the best I could.

2014 was a real awakening for me. Everything I did sports wise was a 'first time'. Road cycling, swimming in an indoor pool, swimming in a lake, swimming in the sea, road running, trail running, kayaking, mountain biking, I fell in love with them all.

I also joined in with a bunch of like minded people, BTRS, fronted by Kurt Charnock a well known figure in the Brighton multi sport community.

I challenged myself and continued to overcome many obstacles, including low self esteem and much self doubt on many amazing BTRS adventures. I am very grateful for the support and understanding that came from Kurt and the 'family'. I still have strong links with them.

Wind forward the clock to present day and how do I compare to the woman I was prior to 2014? Well, I am still a member of Brighton Tri and support and participate where and when I can. Bri Tri training sessions are amazing no matter how old or young you are - always structured and always coached to the highest standards. I can vouch for a safe, friendly and personally challenging experience.

I can also honestly say that I am fitter and stronger (physically and mentally) than at any other point in my life. I am more content with all aspects of my life and I have developed what I feel is a healthy balance and outlook to my work life. I am better at my job because I have a healthy attitude to it. I am braver with decision making and better at saying no to requests that demand to much from me. I am humbled and grateful for the incredible richness and variety of experiences that multi sports brings along. I also volunteer in sports events when I can. My feeling is that the more you get from something the more you need to give. It's a balance thing.

Last weekend I ran 18 miles on a training run with my incredible oldest daughter Kayleigh. We are both in training for the Brighton Marathon in April. She has slowly joined me on more and more of my runs and has become a very efficient and strong runner. She now runs with 'Hove Hornets' - a brilliant and inclusive running club in Hove. We are both following the 'Hornets marathon training plan'.

Last year I encouraged Kayleigh to try several 'Go Tri' aquathlons which my Brighton Tri organise. She did these and enjoyed the experience. I also encouraged my youngest daughter who is 11 to participate in several Bri Tri aquathlons. I was incredibly proud of both and my daughters are a real inspirati

on to me.

I'm also supporting Kayleigh with her first triathlon this year. We are both entering the Brighton and Hove Triathlon this summer.

Last Sunday I was a volunteer out rider with a small bunch of men and women cyclysts at the Brighton Half Marathon. As I rode out in front of the runners I was struck with how many people I now know; runners, cyclists and swimmers. We are all part of this bigger fitness movement in Brighton and Hove and wider afield. It was a reaffirming feeling of camaraderie and a feeling of belonging.'


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