Women's Series - Rachael Woolston

Rachael Woolston, founder of women’s running community Girls Run the World, shares her journey of supporting, motivating and inspiring women to get active.

'I’ve always loved being active and but during my 20 years working as a journalist for everyone from Marie Claire and Grazia to Runner’s World, I travelled a lot.

To stay fit, I ran whenever I got the chance even if that meant running in strange parts of the world from Marine Parade in Mumbai to the mountains of Darjeeling and the beaches of Brazil to the streets of London. When I left full-time journalism, I channelled my love of fitness into setting up a fitness community and finally, the women-only running community, Girls Run the World.

Girls Run the World has been born from the desire to help empower women through running and to build a female community across the globe who are united through running, helping support, motivate and inspire each other.

In Brighton, we coach women from total beginners up to ultra marathon distance and have helped hundreds of women become runners in the last eight years. We provide coaching, mentoring, workshops, inspiring events, international race trips and the chance to be part of a community.

Our aim is to create a network around the world so that no matter where you are, you’ll always be able to meet a Girls Run the World runner who can show you her local area through running.'


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