Women's Series - Mary & Natasha D'Arcy

Left to Right: Mary, Lucy, Natasha

Deciding it was time to get active, mother/daughter combo Mary & Natasha set the Brighton and Hove Triathlon as their goal and having loved the adrenaline buzz, Mary's back for more this year.

"I was a fair-weather jogger and gym swimmer when Lisa (one of the triathlon Directors) mentioned the Super-Sprint triathlon to me and I thought actually, that's completely achievable! I'd never done anything like this before but the idea of an organised swim in the sea, a bike ride along the seafront on a closed road and a short run seemed like fun! So I asked my teenage daughter Natasha if she'd do it with me and was a little surprised but delighted when she said yes. In fact her friend Lucy joined us too and I booked our places before any of us could change our minds.

The training was okay as the Super-Sprint is such a short distance. Sprint seems like the wrong word, my wave was more of a mini triathlon than a sprint. I have 4 children (although just 2 dependent and living at home) and am a part-time accountant so time had to be made for training. I did as much as I could with Natasha which made it a lot easier. We had some memorable moments getting into our wet-suits and wading out into the sea. September is a great time to be doing a triathlon as the training is throughout the summer. My advice for anyone thinking of doing a triathlon is to train with a friend or group, be aware that the more you train the more you'll enjoy the actual triathlon and be sure to go at your own pace.

I was nervous on the day but wouldn't be again. Everyone is so kind and encouraging, especially the organisers. I don't think Natasha will be able to join me this year as she has a full time job in London so training would be hard for her which is a shame. I'm working on my other daughter to take part now....." Mary

"Having not taken part in competitive sports since school, and after two years of stereotypically lazy student living, the thought of training for a triathlon was not immediately appealing. However, I was convinced by my mum (and shamed by my marathon-running friends) to get my act together and summoned the strength to sign up. Having a training partner helped massively; we'd encourage each other to get out for a run or cycle, and by the end were genuinely enjoying our early morning swims in the sea! The race itself was tough but hilarious, and the nerves soon disappeared when we realised our group was much more interested in having a laugh than beating a PB! In fact, for most of us, it was our first attempt at a triathlon (which was reassuring!) The atmosphere was great throughout, and the volunteers were so sweet and encouraging. Overall, it was a great day and I'm so glad I took part!" Natasha


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