Women's Series - Masha Finn

Struggling to juggle life as a mother and full-time medical consultant, Masha Finn became determined to find the time to exercise and has since become a regular runner and in September will take on the Olympic distance Brighton and Hove Triathlon.

I am a typical 40 year old woman, with small kids and a job, no free time and aspirations to get fit that really never materialise. That is until last year I ran the Brighton 10K in April. And when I say run, realistically I walked most of it. Fed up, I decided it was time to take the bull by the horns so to speak and I have started running regularly, twice a week, with the amazing Marianne Clarke, who to probably walked during our initial sessions as I puffed and huffed next to her.

6 months later I did another 10K and 15 minutes faster than the one in April! Training was obviously paying off. Elated I thought I needed another challenge. So this year, I am doing a Bluebell 10K run, the Olympic distance Brighton Triathlon (time does not matter, right?) and am going to Venice in October to run 10K (there are worse places than Venice!).

I am not an athlete by any stretch of imagination, but I feel on the edge if I am working and miss my runs. I have found 5K routes near my house as well as work. I have a favourite side of the street to run on! And I know where the steepest hills and steps are in the city for interval training and I bring my running gear on holiday.

But most importantly, what I realised is, it does not matter how fast you run and neither does it matter how far. All you need to do is start running. And enjoy it.


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