Brighton and Hove Triathlon quench their thirst with nuun

Brighton and Hove Triathlon have announced nuun as their Hydration Sponsor for 2017.

Having shaken the hydration world when they rejected sugary sports drinks and instead offered a simple, self-dissolving electrolyte tab to keep individuals hydrated through the use of healthy, clean ingredients, nuun is now an internationally recognised product available in over 30 countries.

With an expected 2000 triathletes competing in the sunshine on Hove Lawns and an additional 20,000 spectators and attendees of the free to attend, family Sport and Fitness Show, hydration will be key.

John Lunt, Brighton and Hove Triathlon Race Director, said of the collaboration: 'I'm thrilled to announce nuun as our Official Hydration Sponsor. Their product is perfect for our competitors and I cannot wait to fuel lots of thirsty triathletes with their help!'

Nuun’s Marketing & Communications Manager, Chris Stuckey, also commented: ‘We are really excited to have nuun as an Official Hydration Sponsor of the Brighton and Hove Triathlon. We heard some great things about the first race in 2016 and look forward to helping build on this initial success. Nuun believe in clean product, clean planet and clean sport. All values that we believe this event aspires to.’

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