Brighton and Hove Triathlon refuel for their second race with CLIF® Bar

Brighton and Hove Triathlon have introduced CLIF® Bar as their Nutrition Sponsor for the 2017 event. Named after his father Clifford, 26 years ago CLIF® Bar’s founder Gary decided it was time to produce an energy bar that not only powered him through long bike rides, but one that actually tasted good. 2 years later he produced the first CLIF® Bar. The brand has now grown into a range of products including energy shots and bars, in a variety of delicious flavours. With sustainability at the core of the company, CLIF® continue to explore ways to help keep people, the planet and local communities healthy for generations to come. Moving into a solar-powered headquarters and supporting the construction of wind farms amidst other programmes, their values very much tie up with The Brighton and Hove Triathlon’s. Lisa Clayton, Director of the Brighton and Hove Triathlon, said of the announcement; ‘we’re very excited to start working with CLIF®. With our recent introduction of youth racing, we really wanted to partner with a brand suitable for all of our competitors. They provide fantastic natural products filled with wholesome ingredients and most importantly, they taste great!’ CLIF’s Senior Marketing Manager, David Smith, also commented; ‘we’re passionate about sport and as the official Nutrition Sponsor of the 2017 Brighton and Hove Triathlon we’re excited to share our great-tasting foods with athletes when they need it most, in a stunning location whilst soaking up the sea air.’

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