Brighton and Hove Triathlon partner with Sebamed for second year

The Brighton and Hove Triathlon have just announced their partnership with skincare brand, Sebamed. With the inaugural event seeing Sebamed sponsor the triathlon transition zone, 2017 will see full branding onsite as they become the triathlon’s Official Run Course Sponsor.

Sebamed is one of the leading brands for medicinal skin care with a pH value 5.5 – the same as healthy skin. Dermatologically tested and recommended for sensitive and stressed skin, they are the perfect products for people who take part in sports.

Most common soaps have a pH value of 7 or above which means they breaks down the skin’s natural acid mantle which can take around two hours to regenerate. This can have a significant effect on your skin’s protection whilst exercising.

If you already suffer from existing conditions including Eczema, Psoriasis or Dermatitis, extra precautions should be taken when exercising. To ensure protection and to prevent these conditions from worsening you can use Sebamed moisturising body lotion before exercising. Apply a light layer to the skin, targeting problem areas to provide protection from sweat, as this will help to stop the development of any rashes and chaffing.

Rashes and friction rubbing are other common issues when exercising. By ensuring you wash immediately post workout, it can significantly reduce skin irritation. A few products Sebamed recommend post exercise include:

  • Sebamed Liquid Face and Body Wash & Sebamed Olive Liquid Face & Body Wash both gently cleanse the skin whilst protecting the natural barrier function, leaving the skin clean, soft and supple.

  • Sebamed Feminine Intimate Wash is formulated to a pH value of 3.8 which supports the ecological balance of normal micro-flora, for genital protection. It contains effective soothing and antibacterial properties to help restore the natural pH balance post workout.

  • The Sebamed Energizing Hair & Body Wash FOR MEN has a balanced skincare complex which revitalises the skin and protects from dehydration, whilst the Menthol energizes and cools the skin, perfect for men after exercising.

Sebamed offers a wide variety of ranges, including Classic Cleansing (which includes skincare and hair care for all skin types), Clear Face (helps with spot and acne prone skin), Anti-Dry (a perfect range for people who suffer with dry skin on a regular basis) FOR MEN and Baby (from shampoo to bubble bath which can be all used from day one).

Sebamed will be prominent over the triathlon weekend, sampling sports products to triathletes as well as promoting their baby care products within The Sport and Fitness Show but if you can’t wait that long, visit their website

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