5 reasons to join a tri club

Brighton Tri Club at parkrun

In her pursuit to tri greatness, our Event Manager Josie recently joined a tri club and it got us thinking (dangerous, we know!) There are so many benefits in getting involved with your local tri club so we decided to share with you our top 5.

Josie has just moved to a new area and doesn’t know many people, so she joined as a way of meeting new people as well as for the perks of professional coaching at a fraction of the price. Here are our 5 reasons to join a tri club…

1. The team spirit

Whether you’re new to the area or just want to get more involved within the community, joining a tri club is your perfect in. You’ve the social aspect of training together week in, week out and the option of getting involved in other events such as Club Relays, training camps and (often) alcohol fuelled activity. You’ll no longer be a larry loner at the local parkrun, nor will you have to go out on solo bike rides (if you don’t want to) on rainy Saturday mornings when your family refuse to join you. You’ll be immersed within a supportive community of all ages and abilities through a mutual love of sport. You’ll also form friendships with people you may otherwise never have reason to socialise with, all through a common belief that one sport is just not hard enough.

2. Boost your confidence and maintain motivation

Nobody wants to go out running first thing on a rainy Sunday but knowing your teammates are expecting you to turn up is far more likely to motivate you to get out of bed and put your trainers on, instead of reaching for the snooze button. A tough workout is always made easier when training with others and the simple knowledge that others are watching you is often enough to make you push yourself harder than usual! Training with others keeps you motivated and will definitely boost your confidence.

3. You’ll receive more advice than you could ever imagine

Triathletes love to show off so you’re unlikely to attend a session without some Smart Alec impressing you with their range of knowledge. From fellow members, this advice is completely free. From coached sessions, this knowledge comes at a fraction of the cost of a 1-2-1 paid session. Even the most experienced triathletes will benefit from a trained coach watching their techniques. Juggling three disciplines is tricky so it’s no secret that the best way to improve is to surround yourself with more experienced athletes within a structured training environment.

4. Access to club resources

Being a member of a tri club will give you exclusive offers at sports shops, discounted entry to local leisure centres and gyms and also discounts into races. Yearly tri club membership won’t break the bank so it’s definitely worth joining to benefit from the discounts alone.

5. You’ll never be alone on race day

There’s nothing more disheartening than turning up to a sludgy field on race day without any supporters (or motivation to swim in a murky lake). Being part of a tri club means you’ll often be racing with, supported by or cheered on by a band of merry followers. Club members wearing team kit are easier to spot, so you’ll often hear cheers from loyal fans as you pass – what’s not to love about that? It’s the perfect pick me up. You’ll be able to celebrate your race with your pals and wearing club kit, you’ll feel a million dollars.

British Triathlon have a great section on their website of all of the tri clubs near you. Have a look here and get yourself signed up to your local tri club to start reaping the benefits!

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