5 reasons you should parkrun

parkrun is a fabulous organisation that puts on free, weekly, 5km timed runs around the world. They are open to everyone, are free, and safe and easy to take part in. The runs take place in pretty park surroundings and encourage those of all abilities to take part within a super friendly community.

Not sold yet? Here are 5 reasons you should parkrun;

1. It’s free!

Everybody likes to feel that they’re getting good value for money so it’s impossible not to feel satisfied when you’re not paying a penny. It’s made possible through volunteers and sponsors which allow it to be an initiative which is accessible for all.

2. The parkrun community

During my first parkrun race briefing, all newbies were asked to put their hands up and we were then cheered by the 350 seasoned parkrunners - that in a nutshell is the parkrun community. Those who’d completed massive milestones (250, 300, 500 parkruns) were cheered too. There were men and women of all ages, sizes and abilities. Dads were running with their babies in prams, people were walking, there were volunteers cheering you on - it’s a fabulous organisation working with the community, for the community and you’re very likely to make some great parkrun pals.

3. It’s fun competition

It’s the perfect split between competition and completion so you will always achieve, whatever your motivation. With such a range of abilities and motivations, there’s the capacity to suit all. If you want to race to win, there will be plenty of individuals to race against. If you want to beat your parkrun PB, go wild. If you just want to go for a jog with your friend, you can.

4. They’re everywhere!

Did you know there are 450 parkruns happening in different locations every weekend? That means that if you move or want to shake up your routine, there will always be a parkrun community nearby and we think that’s pretty great.

5. You feel like a proper athlete

Once you’ve finished, you receive a time card and your time is sent to you via email almost immediately. You’ll receive stats on where you finished, how you did in your age group and how your times compare to your previous parkruns. Competitive runners can continually challenge themselves and for those who are more interested in the taking part, stats motivate and inspire personal progress. You get the adrenaline of race day in a relaxed and friendly environment.

So, how do you join the parkrun community? Sign up via their website here and you’ll be issued a set of bar codes which are linked to your account. Take a bar code with you every parkrun to be scanned as you finish as this is what monitors your timings.

Hopefully this has inspired you to join the parkrun community and together we can inspire all abilities to get out and exercise together in a very accessible format.

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