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We caught up with Brighton & Hove's leading injury and postural rehabilitation centre for their tops tips in the lead up to race day. And the best part? All entrants will receive 20% off of their initial consultation!*

What do I do if I get an injury?

Stop immediately, rest, compress, elevate and gently promote movement. You can ice the injured area as this will help reduce the pain. If you still have pain or impaired movement by day 2-3 seek treatment with a qualified practitioner. This will help to speed up your recovery rate and avoid compensatory issues developing.

What if I have a niggle or old injury?

If it is an old niggle that is slowing you down or concerning you, seek treatment to avoid secondary injuries and compensatory issues. Good biomechanics and strength are essential to help avoid injuries - prehab rather than rehab!

Who do I see if I’ve injured myself?

It is important to see someone who is qualified, who you trust and who guides you safely through a structured rehabilitation process. Studio57 Clinic have been helping triathletes for 15 years and have a wealth of experience doing so.

Is it a good idea to get Sports Massage before or after the event?

Either before or after the event is tonic for your muscles in different ways. A pre race massage will increase blood flow and get your muscles warmed up and ready to race. Post race will help reduce DOMS and soreness, help you relax and speed up recovery.

Can I get a massage on race day?

Yes, pay with cash on the day at the Studio57 Massage tent. They'll be located in the triathlon area near the registration tent.

I want advice on my running gait

We have an in-house 3d Video gait lab where we can look at your biomechanics and put together a structured rehab plan of attack. Go to our sister company www.strideuk.com for more details - you receive a 20% discount as a B&H Triathlete.

*All B&H Triathletes receive a 20% discount at Studio57 Clinic on their initial consultation (1 p/p, not valid weekends or for chiropody). Please quote your event number on booking.

Please feel free to email or call and one of our specialists can talk through your injuries and give you advice on 01273 711399 or info@studio57clinic.co.uk


01273 711399

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