Introducing our new Event and Marketing Executive!

We would like to welcome Rose Wilmot to the Brighton and Hove Triathlon Event team this February. Rose joins us from Let’s Get Running, where she worked as the Head of Run Club Operations. A keen club triathlete who has been involved in the sport for over 10 years, she has been a member of several Tri clubs and is currently on the committee of Brighton Tri club as their event director. She definitely has the Tri bug. To help us get to know Rose a little more we asked her a few questions about her life and career in the sport.

Were you always into sport?

God no! I was never sporty at school, in fact I was very unfit.

So how did you get into Tri?

I joined the Greenwich Tritons about 10 years ago when I lived in London, and ran with them once a week. Then I got injured and started joining their swimming sessions. I remember being put in a swim lane by myself because I was so slow!

When did you do your first Tri?

Does the Nottingham Relays count? That is such a fantastic event. I think I borrowed a bike from a friend in my team (it was the first time I’d cycled on drops). I’ve been back many times, it’s one of my favourite races.

What’s your favourite make of running shoe?

It’s between Innov8 and Brooks, don’t make me choose!

What’s your favourite bike brand?


Swim, Bike or Run?


What would you say to someone thinking of doing their first triathlon?

I’d say go for it, it’s not as difficult or hard as you think. If you’re nervous maybe try an aquathlon first. Or if you're not quite ready why not volunteer?

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Why Brighton and Hove Triathlon?

Because it’s the perfect race to celebrate living in this city, wonderful for spectators who line the streets in support each year and great fun for athletes to experience that kind of home support. Most events are on so early in the morning and in such remote areas of the country that no one knows they’re happening. In Brighton everyone comes to watch you race and I think it makes such a difference to athletes.

Other than Brighton and Hove Triathlon, which Tri are you next looking forward to?

Steyning Tri by Raw Energy Pursuits, a great race!

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