Why Volunteer?

I caught up with two of our most dedicated volunteers, Allison Brett and Mark Brocklehurst, to ask them why they enjoy volunteering so much and if this could be the year they join us on the start line.

BHT: What is it you love about volunteering?

Mark: It's nice to give something back that's easy and rewarding! Having taken part in lots of races and events over the years, it's great to experience communities coming together and making events happen!

Allison: Tim and I love doing events ourselves such as cycle rides and 10k runs and as we both work in Logistics / Operations we understand the huge machine behind organising and running any large event, so it is good to put something back and help others enjoy themselves from time to time.

Also, we have found that we meet fantastic like minded people that we enjoy working with as a team and often keep in touch with afterwards and see them again at other events.I will also mention that we have enjoyed a lot of free pizza and samples from sponsors, added bonuses!

BHT: Have you volunteered at BHT before?

Mark: First timer last year, marshaling the transition stage as the bikes hit the road.

Allison: We volunteered last year for one day and enjoyed it so much that this year we are doing two days.

BHT: What was good about the experience?

Mark: Great to see the inside of the sport and feel part of the day. Always great too to see friends also helping out! The sandwiches were nice too!!

Allison: We were briefed before the day so we knew what to expect and had already met the leaders. On the day we received full training on our task and details of our breaks and meals etc. It was a really amazing team atmosphere and we also loved giving positivity and support to the athletes, particularly the newbies.

BHT: Will you be back for 2018?

Mark: Already signed up!

Allison: Yes for double the time!

BHT: Any other events you plan to volunteer at for 2018?

Mark: I helped out at Moyleman last week which was great (though bloody cold!) I'm helping at Brighton Marathon too and I'm a regular volunteer at Hove Prom parkrun on a Saturday morning at 9am (gotta give it a plug!)

Allison: Our local running group are arranging some fun events and we will help out there as a minimum #runpals.

BHT: Any advice to future volunteers?

Mark: Don't have any worries! Things are easily learned and it's a really rewarding experience! You'll make new friends, have the gratitude of athletes, and be able to be a part of a wonderful occasion!

Allison: You are never alone when volunteering, if you have a question that you cannot answer you just call a leader for help!You will not regret it, the whole experience was fun from start to finish and the people we met were amazing.

BHT: Will we ever convince you to join us on the start line?

Mark: I would like to one day, but I would have to significantly improve my swimming which quite frankly is awful. One length of the pool has me gasping and no matter what I do with my legs, I get nothing from them. Maybe one day but not yet!

Allison: Yes – we deferred our entries as the swim was making us nervous, we will do it soon…….2019? More training needed and watching the event from the sidelines increases our confidence that we will be able to do it.

Have we convinced you yet? Sign up to volunteer for the Brighton and Hove Triathlon here.

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