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We are so proud to be the official Physio, Rehab and Massage partner to the Sebamed Brighton and Hove Triathlon for the 2nd year running. We pride ourselves on supporting local events. This one is close to our heart as it encourages men and women of all ages, shapes and sizes to get into the sport. Over the next 5 weeks the Studio57 team will be providing recovery advice and support, starting with this month's article on Shin Splints (below).

In our clinic we have heaps of experience helping get triathletes, runners and cyclists to a full recovery. We advise on training plans, strength and conditioning exercises or refer onto our nutritional therapist to help with race and recovery fuel.

We also have a fantastic therapy team who can give you a deep tissue massage, relaxing massage or our fabulous chiropodist can tidy up your tired feet.


Over the next few months we're going to talk about a handful of the most common injuries - what to do if you get one and, most important, how to avoid them in the first place.

5 common injuries and what to do about them:

1) Shins Splints

2) Achilles Tendinopathy

3) Knee Pain

4) Lower Back Pain

5) Shoulder Impingement

Shin Splints

‘Shin splints’ are one of the most common running injuries around. Under this umbrella come 3 separate injuries: stress fractures, periostitis and compartment syndrome. They all have their own symptoms and causes, but most importantly they CAN be avoided in the following ways….. rest, correct rehabilitation, the right shoes and the right training plan.

The most common type of shin splint is medial tibial stress syndrome (pain on the lower inner side of the shin). This usually affects athletes changing from one surface to another, when wearing incorrect or worn trainers, altered technique or hard floor training.


Pain is felt along the medial (inside) of the lower shin. Tenderness may also be felt and the pain usually ceases at rest but returns on activity.


Rest should be started as soon as possible, the sooner it happens the quicker the recovery – pain is usually a signal to rest. It's best to maintain your fitness by cycling or swimming thereby giving your body a chance to heal. Get some advice, treatment and rehab from a specialist. Also, try ice or heat treatments or compression guards, which have been shown to help. The most important issue when an injury of any sort arises, is to find the cause. Whether it be an old pair of trainers or a weakness in your calf muscles, by identifying the cause and educating yourself on how to prevent it in future, you avoid going through the cycle again and again.


Need to see someone now? All Triathletes get a 20% off their initial consultation - quote Brighton and Hove Triathlon on booking, 01273 711399 or email if you have any queries or questions - we’re happy to help.

StrideUK is also our sister business and they can assess your running gait (they help with running form, performance and injuries).

Healthy regards, Elle and team 57.


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