All the Gear and No Idea

Triathlon is often thought to be an expensive sport to participate in due to the fact that it combines three disciplines. However, we hope to show you that, whilst you can gain great enjoyment from buying new gear as part of your triathlon experience, it doesn’t have to be that way if you’re racing on a budget.

Kit List

Goggles - for an open water swim such as Brighton and Hove Triathlon it is worth considering a mask as these will offer better vision (important for sighting regularly) and potentially a better seal so that you don’t have to worry about your goggles filling with water, a big frustration when you’re racing.

Wetsuit - this is an essential for open water swims and is often compulsory depending on the race and water temperature. More expensive suits tend to be more flexible (potentially meaning less fatigue as it’s easier to make your stroke) but all triathlon wetsuits will aid buoyancy and should help you swim faster whilst also enabling you to stay longer in the open water for training especially when in early season when the water can still be chilly.

Wetsuits at The Tri Store

We also offer a dedicated hire service for Brighton and Hove Triathlon, costing £49 plus deposit, click here for more info.

Bike - we’ve seen people race at Brighton and Hove with mountain bikes and shopping bikes. A drop handlebar road bike will be faster and level the playing field against others who have this but, if this is your first race, any bike will get you round. If you’ve enjoyed your day and want to do it again then consider buying a road bike. If you really want to be your fastest then triathlon bikes can make your bike split faster and also make running off the bike a little more comfortable due to the position.

Clothing - a triathlon suit is a suit which you can swim, bike and run in without needing to change. They start from just over £50 and will give you a fast-drying fabric which means less wind chill on the bike and a pad which gives some comfort on the bike and doesn’t chafe when running. You can use bike or run kit if you’re not sure you will do another triathlon but in our experience most people get hooked on it and their first race becomes the first of many in which case a triathlon suit is an essential pice of kit.

Zone 3 Activate Triathlon Suit

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Shoes - You’ll definitely need run shoes, hopefully something you already have and are training in by now! The correct running shoes can help reduce injury so we recommend coming to see us at The Triathlon Store or finding your local specialist running shop to help choose the best shoes for you if you’re struggling with running injuries.

Dedicated bike shoes with a clipless pedal system can make your bike splits faster as they transfer greater energy compared to running shoes, which will flex every pedal stroke and waste effort. It can be a little daunting being “attached” to the bike for the first time but ultimately it’s worth learning how to clip in and out (usually with the odd fall when you forget!) for the improved speed on the bike. It does mean you’ll need to change shoes twice in transition but if you’re trying to improve on your previous times it’s highly recommended.

Race Belt - this is a belt which you can attach your race number on. You step into it in T1 and then have your race number on your back for the bike. In T2 you swap the number to your front. It saves having to pin your race numbers on your kit and is one of the least expensive pieces of kit, prices starting at around £6. We will have these for sale on race day at the event.

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