Interview with Managing Director of the new Dubrovnik Triathlon and our Race Director John Lunt.

The managing director for the brand new Earth, Sea, Fire: Dubrovnik Triathlon, Daniel Marusic, sits down with Brighton and Hove Triathlon event director John Lunt to discuss all things Triathlon and why Dubrovnik.

John: How long have you been doing triathlons?

Daniel: I've been doing Triathlons since early 2012 when I completed my first SPRINT in August in Croatia. I had been going to the gym, and had lost a bit of weight, but I wanted a new challenge. I managed to come 3rd in my age group in my first race and I fell in love with the sport. Now I do about 15-20 triathlons a year, Sprints, Olympics, Halfs – I also do one or two major international marathons a year including London this year. I still have not done a full Ironman and I plan to start training for one in 2019, it's been on my bucket list for a while!

John: What do you love about Triathlon?

Daniel: It’s the people! They create such a great atmosphere during training and racing, it's a pleasure to be a part of. Also, I like what I call the "sophisticated triathlon process", that is the process of becoming and remaining a fit, injury free (ish) and happy triathlete. It's hard work and takes dedication but the rewards are amazing.

John: Any advice for a first time triathlete?

Daniel: It’s not as difficult as it looks. Enjoying it is what is the most important thing. If you don’t enjoy it don't do it; it’s hard hard work and you spend lots of hours training and preparing for your races, so you have to love it!

John: You said you lost weight while you were training, any advice about nutrition?

Daniel: I think a lot about what I eat and drink, and I don't listen to what other people tell me I 'should' be eating, or give into peer pressure. Of course I do have a glass of wine or beer here or there but I rarely have more than that and I have as little junk food as possible. I just try to eat natural and simple foods and lots of them, and in Croatia that is not hard. The food in Dubrovnik is wonderful, I have never eaten so much in my life! I also enjoy cooking and preparing breakfast or dinner for my friends. Sometime it's the most relaxing moment of my day.

View from the local hotel near race HQ at breakfast

John: Any advice about training?

Daniel: Train smart. Eat and recover even smarter. For me, training is the last item on a very long list, but it's always there. I've committed to this because I want to do it, so there's no excuses. Of course, family, friends, my job and my health – all that comes first – and training works best for me if my priorities are in order - but you have to train to improve, and training really does work.

John: Tell us a bit about the Dubrovnik Tri on 13th October.

Daniel: We're very excited about this event, both you and I have spent 2 years putting this together and getting all the permission and permits from the city. We're putting on two distances for athletes in the first year: a Sprint and an Olympic. We have the support from the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and the Dubrovnik Mayor. Also, local companies are coming forward to help us put this on, especially race partner Adriatic Luxury Hotels. It's going to be a great event.

John: What is special about the Dubrovnik Triathlon?

Daniel: Dubrovnik is a spectacular destination, and multi-sport is slowly becoming popular in Dubrovnik. We have started a small triathlon club which is rapidly growing and over the last few years more and more people have been getting interested in triathlon in Croatia, so you can expect lots of local support. We will have a welcome reception before the event in the Old Town - a UNESCO world heritage site - and the after race party will be at the funky Banje Beach Club, just next to the city walls. We're also bringing out a full British Crew to run the event and I think that will make it extra special for any British people travelling to Dubrovnik in October, to know there is that support there if needed.

John: And the course we have designed?

Daniel: The swim will be in the Adriatic Sea. The water will be calm, clear and WARM, probably around 20 degrees. The cycling is equally as breath taking with flat, smooth tarmac, fantastic views and blue skies. All of the roads will be closed, road surfaces smoother, quieter and safer than in England. I'm lucky because, living here, I get to train all year round in perfect conditions. Clean air, spectacular scenery and bright sunshine for much of the year, on race day I'd expect the same.

John: You've entered Brighton and Hove Tri this September. What made you decide to enter?

Daniel: I heard about when it first started, 3 years ago, since then I've met John and he persuaded me to come over and race the event with my wife. I will come over and promote Dubrovnik and the event. John has agreed that the Brighton and Hove Tri and Dubrovnik Triathlon will be sister events, so I'm very excited to come to Brighton. I love travelling abroad and racing, it's lots of fun. I can't wait, particularly exhibiting at the sports village, and meeting lots of people who are planning to come to Dubrovnik a month later.

John: Have you got a time in mind?

Daniel: Yeah I would love to do the Olympic in around 2:20 but we will see, much depends on the day! Our race, like Brighton and Hove Tri, is perfect for a PB because the sea is calm, and the bike and run courses are pancake flat. But generally I'm just looking forward to talking to people about Dubrovnik, and Brighton and Hove Tri, and having a great race.

See you there!

To enter the Dubrovnik Tri go to:

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