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For many first-time triathletes an open water swim is the intimidating factor once they’ve got their head round the idea that they will have to put three different disciplines together to become a triathlete. Hopefully those of you that are nervous of the swim are already getting into open water and getting comfortable with the idea in preparation for the Brighton and Hove Triathlon in September.

It’s easy to feel at this time of the year that the race is a long time away and at the end of the season so there’s plenty of time to train. In fact we’re only 11 weeks away from the race and so now is the perfect time to be making the most of the longer days and getting your bike and run miles in as well as the time in the water. The key as a triathlete is to make sure that you do enough training in each discipline to be able to do yourself justice on race day without overdoing it and getting injured. That's where kit can come in.

As I’ve mentioned before, it’s definitely worth coming to see us at The Tri Store or seeking out a local running specialist shop to make sure that you’re wearing running shoes that are not likely to increase your chances of injury. Then it’s worth deciding whether you are going to race in a lighter pair of shoes on race day to gain those extra few seconds or if the risk of injury is not worth the risk. If you go with a pair of racers or racer-trainers then make sure you do enough training in them to know that they work for you and that your body can deal with less structure and cushioning in the shoe. If you wear the Nike Pegasus then you might consider the Nike Zoom Elite as a lighter, more racier shoe with similar characteristics.

There’s a similar lift you can give yourself on the bike as race day approaches by fitting lighter or more aerodynamic wheels. This is the biggest improvement you can make to your bike and the most cost-effective outside of wearing an aero helmet (if you can cope with the pro look then this is the

best way to gain seconds without training!!) Lighter wheels often give the impression of greater speed as they feel as though they accelerate faster due to reduced rotational weight. Even though they are heavier a more aerodynamic wheel will be even faster in most cases on all but the steepest climbs (note there are no hors categorie climbs in Brighton and Hove Triathlon!) and so if you’re looking for extra speed then have a look at the following examples depending on your budget:

Tubeless Ready Wheelset

Mavic Carbon Wheels Specialized Roval Wheels

Enjoy this lovely weather and if you can time your bike training to tie-in with England games during the World Cup you are likely to find quieter roads and avoid the stress of watching too!

If you'd like any advice about the above please get in touch with Lawrence at The Tristore, Eastbourne on 01323 417 071.

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