Lower back pain and how to beat it!

For our 3rd blog we wanted to talk about lower back pain. Statistics show that up to 80% of the population will have back pain at some point in their lives. So it’s best we understand it, learn how we can manage it and to know when to call the experts and get treatment…….

Back pain is very common, and is not normally due to anything serious. Most people will experience back pain during their life and typically most episodes of back pain will settle within 6 weeks, although it's not uncommon to be longer especially if pain is felt into the leg.

What are the symptoms?

Back pain is usually felt in your back and/or your buttock area, although sometimes it can refer pain down your leg.

Why do I have back pain?

Back pain can occur due to an obvious injury, over training or weakness but sometimes there may be no specific injury, but a chronic underlying cause, routinely sitting at work for a long time without a break for example.

What to do about back pain?

There are many misconceptions about back pain, bed rest being the biggest! Read on to for evidence based treatment and advice:

  • Limit Bed Rest: Pain might force you to rest but lots of bed rest is not a good treatment for your back pain. Try to limit bed rest to 1-2 days as it can make you stiff, less fit and lower your mood thus making your pain feel worse.

  • Get Active: It is best to stay as active as possible and start to return to normal activities including work as quickly as possible as this reduces the likelihood of developing persistent back pain. Avoid staying in one position for long periods and MOVE REGULARLY

  • Managing Discomfort: You may well suffer some discomfort whilst doing these activities but that is not necessarily a sign of damage or harm. Discomfort may lead to inactivity, which will in turn exacerbate your condition. Whenever possible, keep active.

  • Managing your Pain: Before taking medication such as painkillers, discuss your issue with either your GP or local Pharmacist to ensure you are taking the appropriate course of action.

If you are unsure or concerned about your back pain in any way then contact Studio57 Clinic for free advice.

Win a massage/ Physio session

Email Danni@studio57clinic.co.uk and answer the following multiple choice question.

Question: If you have back pain what are the 3 things you should do?

  1. Limit Bed Rest and move regularly

  2. Learn to Kitesurf

  3. Get advice and treatment from S57 if required

  4. Go on a roller coaster

  5. Manage my Pain by speaking with my GP/ Pharmacist if required

The winner will be announced in the next e-newsletter.

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Healthy Regards,

Elle and team 57.

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