Creating that feeling of well being through swimming

It's a fact! Swimming is great for your mental health and creating a positive attitude. All triathletes have to swim at some point or other if they want to compete but everyone should try and swim regularly if they can.

Swim England devised a survey to highlight the benefits of swimming and claimed that 1.4 million people have significantly reduced their symptoms of anxiety through swimming. The YouGov poll also reveals that more than 490,000 people have reduced, or no longer take, medication for their mental health condition as a result of swimming. There are so many options these days for exercising in the pool from local swimming clubs, to Triathlon clubs (contrary to popular belief, you do not need to be an elite athlete to join these) and there are numerous open water swimming groups; Brighton has

and to name a few so, what are you waiting for. Take a dip and see how it makes you feel.

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