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Triathlon is often a sport which is perceived to be macho and reserved for elite athletes. At Brighton and Hove Triathlon it's our mission to break down these perceptions and show women and beginners that triathlon is not a sport to be feared but a fun and challenging adventure.

We had a whopping 40% women enter into 2017 and 2018, making us well above the national average of 28% female participation. We work closely with Heart Radio and This Girl Can to communicate strong female messaging and show ladies #ThisGirlCan.

We reached out to some of the inspirational ladies who are linked to Brighton and Hove Triathlon. If you need some convincing, read their fantastic stories...

Sally Killick - Found what she was missing from life 

Mary and Natasha d'Arcy - The ultimate mother-daughter team

Rachel Woolston - Coaching ladies to be the best they can be

Marianne Clark - Loves how inclusive and friendly triathlon can be

Janet Heath - Proving that age means nothing!

Masha Finn - Juggling being a working mother and triathlon training 

Jenny Wallace - Beginner to Age Group competitor in 1 year